Jams at the farmers market

Throughout the warm weather months we harvest and preserve many of the delicious fruits, peppers, basil, and flowers that we either cultivate or grow wild on our family's land.  We also infuse a simple syrup with a variety of herbs fresh from the garden.  Below is a listing of what we typically put-up, although not every item is available all the time.

Mail Order service is available for our jams and syrups.
E-mail us for details.


Apple Butter

The flavor of Fall straight from our apple orchard.  No funny stuff, just apples, sugar and spices.

Apple Pie Jam
Tastes just like apple pie.  Great on bread, french toast and ice cream.

Apricot Jam
This sunny-colored jam will remind you of beautiful late-summer afternoons.

Black Raspberry Jam

Enjoy sun-ripened black raspberries picked from our timber and
put up at the peak of their flavor.

Cinnamon Pear Butter
A delightfully sweet spread with a kiss of cinnamon.

Cinnamon-Purple Basil Jelly
A sweet jelly that is tasty with toast and meats alike.  Try it served with crackers and cheese.

Ginger Peach Jam
The goodness of our orchard fresh peaches paired with the smooth
warmth of ginger.

Golden Fire Pepper Jam
Pure pepper heat with just a little sweet.  Similar heat to jalapeno jelly.

Gooseberry Jam
A sweet-tart, old fashioned favorite.

Grape Jam
The classic favorite of all ages.

Ground Cherry Jam
An old fashioned favorite with the fresh taste of lemonade.

Lemon Sunshine Jelly
Calendula petals suspended in lemon balm jelly.

Lime-Berry Jam
A sweet, berry jam with just a hint of the tropics. 
Made with our own garden huckleberries.

Pure Peach Butter

A simply delicious spread that celebrates true peach flavor.

Red Raspberry Jam
Enjoy sun-ripened raspberries put up at the peak of their flavor.

Rhubarb Jam
A tart, tasty treat.

Rhubarb-Huckleberry Jam
Made from a combination of rhubarb and garden huckleberries,
this intensely purple jam is a sweet-tart treat.

Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam
Sweet-tart and delicious on your morning toast, with peanut butter,
or on its own.

Sweet Fire Mulberry Jam
The name says it all for this beautiful and multipurpose jam, made
from wild-harvested mulberries. Great as a grilling sauce, appetizer
or ice cream topping.

Violet Jelly
A jewel-colored jelly with the delicate flavor of violets.

Wild Blackberry Jam

Tart, wild-harvested blackberries from our family farm.


Blue Gate Blend Herb Syrup
This syrup, made from our own herbs (thyme, rosemary, lemon balm and ginger), is the secret to our delicious herb lemonade.  Also tasty in teas, desserts, sodas and fruit dishes.

Elderflower Syrup
Steeped from the flowers of the elderberry bush, this non-alcoholic concentrate makes a delightfully refreshing beverage .

Ginger Syrup
Tastes just like a spicy gingersnap cookie.  This sweet syrup is delicious in teas and coffees, desserts, sodas, fruit dishes, and cordials.

Lavender Sugar
Raw sugar blended with our own dried lavender buds. 
Great in teas or on desserts. 

Key Benefits

  • Real homemade flavor canned here at Blue Gate Farm with fresh fruit and simple ingredients.

  • All jams and single flavored syrups in 1/2 pint jars .  
    Blue Gate Blend Herb Syrup packed in pint jar.

  • Great gifts!





























































































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