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Blue Gate Farm

Vision & Mission     Farm Animals     Farm Buildings

Our Vision


Our vision is to create an economically and ecologically self-sustaining homestead that provides an ongoing connection to the Beebout land for our family, our guests and ourselves. Fundamental to this vision are naturally based production methods including composting; rotational planting & grazing methods; integrated pest management; rainwater collection; prairie restoration responsible timber & wetland management; limited dependence on petroleum products and public utilities; and no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers. 


Our Mission


Blue Gate Farm provides Certified Naturally Grown specialty fruits & vegetables, raw honey, free-range eggs and alfalfa hay, all sustainably raised on our small family farm for the benefit and enjoyment of our CSA members and Farmers Market customers.



Farm Animals

We adopted a pair of alpacas (Boris & Abigail) in the fall of 2013, they are beautiful creatures we keep for their fleece which Jill spins into yarn. On August 14, 2015 Abi gave birth to a cria (baby alpaca) whom we named Percy in honor of the Perseid meteor shower, during which he was born. While the alpacas are a source of fiber and fertility (their manure is composted and applied to our fields), the entertainment that they provide is the real benefit.


All of our dogs work on the farm.  Their primary jobs are protecting our livestock (chickens and alpacas) and pushing deer and varmints away from the gardens.  They are the unofficial supervisors of any task happening on the farm, our "doorbells", informing us when any cars come onto our property and then greeting those visitors with reckless enthusiasm.

Farm Buildings

Like most farms, we have a number of buildings about the place which serve specific purposes and one or two that are a general catch-all.  

We have two high tunnels that serve as protected growing space and allow us to grow and harvest crops year round. They are also a delightful space in which to spend time during the deep of winter.


In 2010 Jill's father began construction on a new Packing Barn to replace the old packing shed.  Spurts and stops but finally moved into fall of 2011.  Steady improvements since, a storage loft, real plumbing, stainless steel equipment, a walk-in cooler, both indoor and outdoor wash stations and a flush toilet!

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