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Welcome to the Blue Gate Farm website! 

2015 marked Blue Gate Farm's 10th year of operation!

Blue Gate Farm is the small, family operation of Jill Beebout & Sean Skeehan.  We are Certified Naturally Grown, producing chemical-free fruits & vegetables, free-range eggs, raw honey, alfalfa hay, alpaca fiber and hand spun yarn.  We run a
limited membership CSA and are regular vendors at the 
Des Moines Downtown Farmers Market.

uring the majority of the growing season we publish a
weekly Newsletter for our CSA members - the entire archive can be found on the Newsletters page.
Visit us on Facebook or at Jill's ETSY shop.

Farm Crawl 2016

will be held Sunday, October 2nd, 2016. 
Last year we had a beautiful day with over 1,700 visitors at BGF! 
2016 is the 10th year of joint open houses at each of the participating independent family farms in south-central Iowa.
Visit for more details about
past and future Farm Crawls.

We adopted a mated pair of alpaca in the fall of 2013. 
They are beautiful creatures we keep for their fleece
which Jill makes into yarn.  A cria (baby alpaca) was
born on the farm August 14, 2015.
Some pictures are posted in the Photo Gallery.

Our larger of two high tunnels was destroyed by a wind in November 2015.  We plan to rebuild the structure next spring.

In late winter of 2009 we completed work on a second, larger, high tunnel.  High tunnels allow us to extend our growing season both earlier and later.  Beginning in early March we seed directly into the ground with cool tolerate crops (salad greens, spinach, etc.)  We have posted some pictures in the Photo Gallery.

A tornado stopped by the farm in the pre-dawn hours on
May 30, 2008.  All the people and animals were unharmed but some structure were damaged or destroyed. 
Some pictures are posted in the Photo Gallery.

In spring of 2007 we had the misfortune of herbicide drifts from neighboring fields that damaged a majority of our vegetable crops.   With the assistance of an attorney we recouped a small portion of our financial losses.  Simultaneously we have developed and continue to implement strategies to avoid similar problems in the future, including: better communication with neighbors, registering with the Iowa Agriculture Department's sensitive crop program, signage at our property lines, and planting buffers.  Our story was featured in an article in the
August 16 - 22, 2007 edition of Cityview paper.  
You can view the story, as well as other press about BGF,
from our:  In The News page.

Have a look around the site and come back often as new features, refinements and content are added.  Please contact us with questions or comments.  Thanks for visiting!

Jill & Sean



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Our Vision

To create an economically and ecologically self-sustaining homestead that provides an ongoing connection to the Beebout land for our family, our guests and ourselves.  Fundamental to this vision are naturally based production methods including: composting; rotational planting & grazing methods; integrated pest management; rainwater collection; prairie restoration; responsible timber & wetland management; limited dependence on petroleum products and public utilities; and no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers.

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Our Mission

Blue Gate Farm provides Certified Naturally Grown specialty fruits & vegetables, raw honey, free-range eggs and alfalfa hay, all sustainably raised on our small family farm for the benefit and enjoyment of our CSA members and Farmers Market customers. 

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Our hayfield at an August sunrise

Jill and Sean at market

Our Vision
Our Mission
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Contact Information

Please contact us with any questions or comments about this website, our products, our farm philosophy, or any other matter.   E-mail is the best but you may call or write.
FYI:  in order to get home delivery of mail, the USPS dictates that our address is in Chariton (Lucas County).  In actuality we are 14 miles north of Chariton in Marion County and very close to the town of Columbia.

Postal address
749 Wyoming Street
Chariton, IA  50049
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